It seems yesterday when I joined this school. But as I pause to think back, I am astonished to find that with the flow of time so many years have passed and like Mr. Chips, I do remember all my students, especially their faces, how did they look then, when they first came as toddlers holding their parents’ hands.

I have had the rare privilege to be associated with this school since its inception. Today, it is with pride and tinge of nostalgia that I begin to recount that all of twenty-five years ago, on April 1, 1982 our Founder Secretary Mr. Somnath Mitra founded Lycée with 35 students and today the school rolls are bursting at their seams with 2000 students spread over three premises.

But this veritable explosion, so necessary to accommodate all those aspiring learners, has given us a dream to cherish. Our very own school premises, large enough to accommodate all our students, and with playing fields, that we are unable to provide to them.

And, I promise, all these and many other good things, like that dream library, the hi – tech laboratories, even the swimming pool that we never dared to dream, will all happen in the years to come. And all my students shall reminisce to the youngsters then about the time they had in the school called Lycée.

With so much goodwill and friendship around, dear Lycéeans, set out to attain more; for a person’s grasp should always be greater than his reach. In the years to come, I look forward to seeing the full flowering of the promises hidden in you and each of you will blossom with your full potential. I am sure it will happen, so we your teachers, wish for you today and will continue to do so in the times to come.
May the good lord bless you all!

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